Michele Mostarda

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We consider the feasibility of processing billions of RDF triples on a single commodity machine using streaming and sorting techniques and focusing on RDF processing tasks relevant for Linked Data consumption: data filtering and transformation, RDFS inference, owl:sameAs smushing and statistics extraction. To investigate this research question we built(More)
We present RDFPRO (RDF Processor), an open source Java command line tool and embeddable library that offers a suite of stream-oriented, highly optimized processors for common tasks such as data filtering, RDFS inference, smushing and statistics extraction. RDFPRO processors are extensible by users and can be freely composed to form complex pipelines to(More)
In this short paper we present a scenario and requirements for on-tology matching posed by a statistical eGovernment application, which aims at publishing its data (also) as linked open data. Introduction. Our application domain is eGovernment. By eGovernment we mean an area of application for information technologies to modernize public administration by(More)
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