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In pursuing the development of Yanii, a novel keyword based search system on graph structures, in this paper we present the computational complexity study of the approach, highlighting a comparative study with actual PTIME state-of-the-art solutions. The comparative study focuses on a theoretical analysis of different frameworks to define complexity ranges,(More)
Keyword search is receiving a lot of attention not only in Web contexts but also in the database area. It is an easy way to allow inexperienced user to query systems without the need of knowing any specific language or how data is structured. As a matter of fact, the amount of data available, in the Web as well as in other systems, is constantly increasing.(More)
Nowadays data is disseminated in a number of different sources, from databases systems to the Web, from a traditional structured organization (relational) to a semi-structured (XML), up to the unstructured ones (text in Web documents). Although availability of data is constantly increasing, one principal difficulty users have to face is to find and retrieve(More)
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