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Approximately 10,000 Americans suffer catastrophic cervical spinal cord injuries each year. Most are caused by automobile accidents; however, many of these crippling injuries are related to participation in sports. This article evaluates the legal aspects of neck injury resulting from participation in a number of athletic events, including football,(More)
This article reviews the legal aspects of head injuries resulting from a variety of athletic activities, focusing primarily on head and brain injuries resulting from the playing of football, boxing, horseback riding, winter sports (hockey and skiing), and soccer. Part 1 give a general overview of the occurrence of head injuries in athletics and the(More)
This study analyzes the expectations that incoming students and faculty bring to accelerated pre-licensure education programs for second-degree students. Although research supports the congruence of expectations between students and faculty as essential to learning, anecdotal evidence and single case reports suggest there may be important discrepancies in(More)
The recommendations Baker and Norton have developed for reducing error within the healthcare delivery system, with their emphasis on non-punitive reporting of error, are commendable. However, healthcare practitioners must clearly understand that the current medical/legal system has not adopted a similar approach. Courts have long recognized the right of(More)
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