Michele McHugh

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Palliative treatment is appropriate for most patients with cancer of the head of pancreas. Insertion of a biliary stent relieves jaundice and pruritus but it is not known if stenting affects other symptoms or changes the quality of life. Nineteen patients have completed a standard questionnaire to assess symptom relief and quality of life after stent(More)
The case of an 11-year-old boy who suffered second and third degree burns to 78% of his body is reported. The large doses of morphine used as analgesia resulted in severe side effects: ventilatory dependence, impairment of gastrointestinal function and psychological disturbance. Intravenous lignocaine was added without benefit. The addition of low-dose(More)
bolic disturbances during the pregnancy, and may therefore be termed "macrosomic." Acker et al' reported that the incidence of shoulder dystocia in the deliveries of diabetic mothers was 50%, 23%, and 9% for infants weighing :4500 g, 4000-4499 g, and 3500-3999 g, respectively, compared with 23%, 10%, and 2% for deliveries of non-diabetic mothers. Thus many(More)
BACKGROUND Intrathecal opioids for labor analgesia are occasionally associated with fetal heart rate abnormalities. We wanted to identify risk factors for this occurrence. METHODS The fetal tracings of 151 consecutive patients were reviewed for the period including 30 min before and 60 min after combined spinal-epidural analgesia using intrathecal(More)
Renin, aldosterone and exchangeable sodium were measured in 38 hypertensive and 56 normotensive renal transplant recipients with good renal function and without renal artery stenosis. Response to competitive blockade of angiotensin II using saralasin was studied in 20 of the hypertensive group. Hypertension was uncommon when bilateral nephrectomy had been(More)
A double-blind controlled trial has been undertaken to assess the value of a preparation containing polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in human cadaveric renal transplantation. Eighty-nine patients were studied and followed for 6 months after transplantation. Forty-four took the PUFA preparation and 45 the placebo (oleic acid). Other immunosuppression was(More)
A pilot study to measure volume flow in arterio-venous fistulae in patients undergoing haemodialysis was undertaken to determine the accuracy and precision of values obtained using a modern duplex ultrasound scanner. A Diasonics DRF400 duplex ultrasound scanner was used with a small parts 10 MHz mechanical sector probe incorporating a 4.5 MHz Doppler(More)
In a study of dialysis patients 79% of men complained of sexual dysfunction and 61% erectile impotence following uremia and the onset of regular dialysis therapy. Plasma testosterone levels were significantly higher in patients treated by continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (p = 0.001) but the incidence of sexual dysfunction was not different from(More)