Michele McElroy

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The peptide vaccine clinical trials encountered limited success because of difficulties associated with stability and delivery, resulting in inefficient antigen presentation and low response rates in patients with cancer. The purpose of this study was to develop a novel delivery approach for tumor antigenic peptides in order to elicit enhanced immune(More)
Six ovine fetal brains were harvested 33 to 35 days postchallenge from 5 ewes, each of which was given 3000 Toxoplasma gondii oocysts on day 90 of pregnancy. Histopathologic examination of transverse sections taken at 13 levels in the fetal brains revealed the presence of toxoplasmosis-related lesions in all 6 brains. However, lesions were not randomly(More)
Fourteen 4- to 18-month-old vaccinated Greyhounds (10 males, 4 females) from three kennels in southern Ireland presented over a 2-year period with acute or insidious onset neurological signs. Head tilting, ataxia, recumbency, circling, and blindness were commonly observed, and animals were dull, dehydrated, and had lost weight. Hematologic and biochemical(More)
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