Michele Maglione

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Following favourable results from a previous study, a large, multicentre, prospective, case-control study was performed to further assess the incidence of bleeding complications after dental extraction in patients taking oral anticoagulant therapy (OAT). Four hundred fifty-one patients being treated with warfarin who required dental extraction were compared(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the electromyographic (EMG) characteristics of masticatory muscles in patients with fixed implant-supported prostheses and implant overdentures. MATERIAL AND METHODS Nineteen subjects aged 45-79 years were examined. Fourteen were edentulous and had been successfully rehabilitated with (a) maxillary and mandibular implant-supported(More)
PURPOSE A prospective, randomized, controlled 5-year multicenter study evaluated the long-term clinical function of CerAdapt ceramic abutments compared to titanium abutments on Brånemark implants supporting short-span fixed partial dentures (FPD). MATERIALS AND METHODS Initially, 105 Brånemark implants were placed in a total of 32 patients at three(More)
Our aim was to compare the osteogenic potential of mononuclear cells harvested from the iliac crest combined with bovine bone mineral (BBM) (experimental group) with that of autogenous cancellous bone alone (control group). We studied bilateral augmentations of the sinus floor in 6 adult sheep. BBM and mononuclear cells (MNC) were mixed and placed into one(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the characteristics of resorption and the pattern of bacterial collonisation of polyglycolic and polylactic resorbable membranes under controlled experimental conditions. A removable cobalt-chromium device was applied to the lower jaw of 5 students for a period of 4 weeks. 8 composite resin chambers were glued to the(More)
A lack of information exists about the influence of different implant abutment materials on bacterial colonization and its role in the development of perimplantar infections. In order to study these aspects, removable acrylic devices, harboring samples of titanium and novel ceramic abutments (Nobel Biocare) were adapted to the molar-premolar region in 2(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the potential of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) membranes used for guided bone and tissue regeneration. A patient with insufficient alveolar ridge width in aesthetic zone was enrolled. The patient's blood was centrifuged to obtain PRF membranes. Autogenous bone graft was mixed with bovine hydroxyapatite, PRF particles(More)
The technique of guided tissue regeneration using expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membranes has been shown to be effective in implant dentistry (bony defects, extremely thin alveolar ridges, and implants placed in fresh extraction sockets). One of the drawbacks associated with the use of membranes is their premature exposure with consequent(More)
Premature exposure of membrane in the oral cavity is considered the most common complication as well as a reason for failure or incomplete success of guided tissue regeneration, as the exposed membrane undergoes plaque accumulation. A method to control, or at least to reduce the bacterial invasion of the membrane allowing a delay in the membrane removal,(More)
AIM Type of impaction and site of nerve are important risk factors of neurological damage following the lower third molar removal. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the peripheral damage of lingual and lower alveolar nerves in relation to tooth angulation and radiographic proximity to the alveolar canal. METHODS Sixty-seven consecutive patients(More)