Michele Maggini

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We report the immobilization and characterization of a spiropyran (SP) derivative (1) on smooth Si(100) and porous H-terminated silicon surfaces through a thermal hydrosilylation protocol. Under visible light exposure the SP is in a closed, hydrophobic form, whereas under UV irradiation it converts to a polar, hydrophilic open form named merocyanine (MC).(More)
A cyclopropanation reaction has been used to prepare two methanofullerenes bearing a 2,2'-bipyridine () or pyridine () ligand separated from the fullerene through an oxyethylene macrocyclic spacer. Derivatives and were, in turn, employed to synthesize two fullerene-based ruthenium(ii) and rhenium(i) donor-acceptor dyads whose molecular structure was(More)
The effect of microwave (MW) irradiation and ionic liquids (IL) on the cycloaddition of azomethine ylides to [60]fullerene has been investigated by screening the reaction protocol with regard to the IL medium composition, the applied MW power, and the simultaneous cooling of the system. [60]Fullerene conversion up to 98 % is achieved in 2-10 min, by using a(More)
In this work, we address the interpretation of continuous wave electron spin resonance (CW-ESR) spectra of fulleropyrrolidine bisadducts with nitroxide addends. Our approach is based on a definition of the spin Hamiltonian which includes exchange and dipolar interactions and on a complete numerical solution of the resulting stochastic Liouville equation,(More)
We report in this communication the synthesis of star-shaped carbon quantum dots-(poly-γ-benzyl-L-glutamate) conjugates that self-assemble into microstructures and retain the characteristic emission properties of the native dots. Dots were used either as an initiator to give a daisy-like peptide-polymer structure or as capping agents towards more elaborated(More)
A post functionalization method for the control of the wettability of thiolene resins of the NOA family is presented. Treatment of open model surfaces or closed microchannels with chlorosilane derivatives resulted in dramatic changes in the behaviour of droplets and streams contacting the surfaces. The experimental findings are confirmed by the fabrication(More)
The paper reports on a characteristic property of electroactive materials bearing an electron-rich and an electron-poor moiety, known as charge trapping. As examples of materials that exhibit this phenomenon, films of poly(4,4”-dipentoxy-4’-(2,2’-dicyano)ethenyl-2,2’:5’,2”-terthiophene), poly(2,3-dihexylthieno[3,4-b]pyrazine) and a blend between a(More)
The substituent effect of the dihydro[60]fullerenyl group and its hydrophobic parameters have been evaluated quantitatively. The substituent constant has been determined from the pK value of a fullerene-based, para-substituted benzoic acid 1 in 80% dioxane/water (v/v) by NMR spectroscopy. The resulting Hammett sigma value of 0.06, consistent with a small(More)
We have recently described the preparation of Fpr (C60-based fulleroproline). In this paper the synthesis and a conformational characterization of heterochiral di- and tripeptides containing this new alpha-amino acid are reported. A folded structure, induced by the -L-Fpr-D-Ala-sequence in chloroform solution and detected by Fourier transform infrared(More)