Michele L. Solem

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Although there are several reports on the regulation of neuronal and skeletal muscle voltage-sensitive calcium channels by IGF1, the effects of short-term IGF1 exposure on cardiac Ca2+ channels have not been described. We measured the activity of nitrendipine-sensitive Ca2+ channels of intact cardiac myocytes in the presence of IGF1 by monitoring(More)
Three new dihydroxyicosanoids, 12(R),13(R)-dihydroxyicosa-5(Z), 8(Z),10(E),14(Z)-tetraenoic acid, 12(R),13(R)-dihydroxyicosa-5(Z), 8(Z),10(E),10(Z),17(Z)-pentaenoic acid and 10(R*),11(R*)-dihydroxyoctadeca-6(Z),8(E),12(Z)-trienoic acid, have been isolated from a previously unstudied temperate red marine alga,Farlowia mollis (Cryptonemiales, Rhodophyta). The(More)
BACKGROUND It has been reported recently that long-term alcohol exposure in rats increases the number of dihydropyridine binding sites in cardiac membrane preparations. We fed Sprague Dawley rats a liquid diet that contained ethanol as 36% of total calories for 4 to 6 months and studied how alcohol exposure affected the activity and regulation of the(More)
Red marine algae are shown in this work to be a rich source of eicosanoid-type natural products. This is the first isolation of several of these mammalian arachidonic acid metabolites from any marine or terrestrial plant source (12-HETE, 12-HEPE, 6(E)-LTB4, hepoxilin B3). A few of these represent truly novel substances never previously isolated from nature(More)
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