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BACKGROUND The consistent finding of a genetic susceptibility to prostate cancer suggests that there are germline sequence variants predisposing individuals to this disease. These variants could be useful in screening and treatment. METHODS We performed an exploratory genome-wide association scan in 498 men with aggressive prostate cancer and 494 control(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify genetic variants in linkage disequilibrium with those conferring diabetes susceptibility, a genome-wide association study for young-onset diabetes was conducted in an American-Indian population. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Data come from 300 case subjects with type 2 diabetes with age of onset <25 years and 334 nondiabetic control(More)
Estuarine assemblages of fishes and natant decapod crustaceans (i.e. nekton) comprise both permanent resident species and juveniles of coastal marine species that use estuaries primarily as nurseries. In an attempt to understand how the young of marine species successfully invade communities of permanent estuarine residents we studied potential interactions(More)