Michele H Rosner

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BACKGROUND Hyponatraemia is associated with substantial morbidity and mortality. Identification of the risk factors associated with the development of symptomatic hyponatraemia is important in determining preventive strategies. METHODS A retrospective analysis of the risks factors associated with the development of severe, symptomatic hyponatraemia(More)
The administration of butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) to mice has been shown to produce diffuse alveolar epithelial cell damage, which is largely resolved within 2 wk. Treatment with the corticosteroid prednisolone, 30 mg/kg twice daily during the first 5 days after BHT, greatly exacerbated the initial damage. A severe interstitial pneumonitis was evident(More)
beta-Amyloid peptides, tentatively regarded as the principal neurotoxins responsible for Alzheimer's Disease, make up a set of products that varies significantly among different biological systems. The full implications of this complexity and its variations have yet to be defined. In this work, Abeta peptide populations were extracted from animal brain(More)
The increasing use of gallium arsenide (GaAs) in the electronics industry has produced the need for pharmacokinetic and toxicologic data on GaAs. The disposition in male Syrian golden hamsters (n = 4) following intratracheal instillation of GaAs (mean volume diameter 5.8 micron), arsenic (III) oxide (arsenite), and arsenic (V) oxide (arsenate) at a dose of(More)
In this communication, we wish to describe the discovery of a novel series of 6-azauracil-based thyromimetics that possess up to 100-fold selectivities for binding and functional activation of the beta(1)-isoform of the thyroid receptor family. Structure-activity relationship studies on the 3,5- and 3'-positions provided compounds with enhanced TR beta(More)
Acute kidney injury occurs commonly among patients with advanced liver disease. These patients may undergo liver transplantation with subsequent improvement in hepatic function. However, the renal outcomes of these patients after liver transplantation has only occasionally been reported. Knowledge of these outcomes would be useful to identify patients who(More)
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