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Introduction. To a smooth manifold M one can associate in a natural way a new smooth manifold, the manifold of k-jets of n-dimensional submanifolds of M, indicated by G (k) n (M), which parametrizes in a smooth way the k-jets of immersed submanifolds of M. On G (k) n (M) one can build in a canonical way a differential ideal, denoted Ᏽ (k). The cohomology(More)
This paper describes the high precision digital sun sensor under development at the University of Naples. The sensor determines the sun line orientation in the sensor frame from the measurement of the sun position on the focal plane. It exploits CMOS technology and an original optical head design with multiple apertures. This allows simultaneous multiple(More)
We introduce self-dual manifolds and show that they can be used to encode mirror symmetry for affine-Kähler manifolds and for elliptic curves. Their geometric properties, especially the link with special lagrangian fibra-tions and the existence of a transformation similar to the Fourier-Mukai func-tor, suggest that this approach may be able to explain(More)
This paper presents a customized three-dimensional template matching technique for autonomous pose determination of uncooperative targets. This topic is relevant to advanced space applications, like active debris removal and on-orbit servicing. The proposed technique is model-based and produces estimates of the target pose without any prior pose(More)
An optical flow-based technique is proposed to estimate spacecraft angular velocity based on sequences of star-field images. It does not require star identification and can be thus used to also deliver angular rate information when attitude determination is not possible, as during platform de tumbling or slewing. Region-based optical flow calculation is(More)
The authors developed the Interpersonal Behavior Questionnaire for Children with the aim of assessing the constructs of the interpersonal circumplex model, that is, Dominance and Love and their possible combinations, via third- to fifth-grade children's self- and peer reports. In the three studies presented herein, the authors examined several psychometric(More)