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There is an increasing interest in assessing telemedicine as alternative method of delivering high quality cancer treatment to patients living in rural areas. In the Province of Trento (north-east Italy) a tele-oncology system was implemented to provide non-surgical oncological consultation to district general hospitals. The aim of this study was to explore(More)
Telemetric, intraoperative frozen section diagnosis may be a useful tool for rural hospitals lacking an in-house pathology service. As a part of a Health Ministry Project on Telemedicine in Trentino (northern Italy), we developed a static telemicroscopy system (STeMiSy). This system connects the rural hospital of Cles with the main hospital of Trento. The(More)
BACKGROUND The potential benefits of the introduction of electronic and mobile health (mHealth) information technologies, to support the safe delivery of intravenous chemotherapy or oral anticancer therapies, could be exponential in the context of a highly integrated computerized system. OBJECTIVE Here we describe a safe therapy mobile (STM) system for(More)
Two tele-oncology projects have been in progress since 1997 in the Province of Trento in north-east Italy. The common aim of the projects concerns the design and the implementation of a non-surgical tele-oncology system intended to provide a flexible computing environment for the joint management of oncology patients in a wide-area network. The two projects(More)
A three-year oncology teleconsulting project was concluded in November 2000. During a six-month study period, 38 clinical physicians and 47 nurses used the system. A total of 617 electronic patient records were created in the oncology department, 297 in dermatology and 24 in gynaecology. There were 45 synchronous teleconsultations involving various(More)
This poster presents an innovative real-time Teleconsultation System for synchronized navigation of the pages of a web-based Oncological Electronic Medical Record, designed to provide clinicians a cooperative work tool supporting the oncologic patient management between different hospitals. The system embeds additional tools supporting the discussion:(More)
Although it is fairly established that Gravitational Instability (GI) should occur in the early phases of the evolution of a protoplanetary disc, the fate of the clumps resulting from disc fragmentation and their role in planet formation is still unclear. In the present study we investigate semi-analytically their evolution following the contraction of a(More)
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