Michele Flore

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We employed a standard reference memory task to study the involvement of the hippocampal formation (HF) of domestic chicks that used the boundary geometry of a test environment to orient to and locate a reward. Using the immediate early gene product c-Fos as a neuronal activity marker, we found enhanced HF activation in chicks that learned to locate(More)
Sensitivity to environmental shape in spatial navigation has been found, at both behavioural and neural levels, in virtually every species tested, starting early in development. Moreover, evidence that genetic deletions can cause selective deficits in such navigation behaviours suggests a genetic basis to navigation by environmental geometry. Nevertheless,(More)
he J ou rn al o f E xp er im en ta l B io lo gy – A C C E PT E D A U T H O R M A N U SC R IP T 1 2 3 4 Navigation by environmental geometry: The use of zebrafish as a model 5 6 7 8 9 10 Sang Ah Lee, Giorgio Vallortigara, Michele Flore, Elizabeth S. Spelke, and 11 Valeria A. Sovrano 12 13 14 1. Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Rovereto,(More)
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