Michele E Germain

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Measurement of cardiac and respiratory activity during mental simulation of locomotion at increasing speed revealed a covariation of heart rate and pulmonary ventilation with the degree of imagined effort. The degree of vegetative activation of a subject mentally running at 12 km/h was comparable to that of a subject actually walking at 5 km/h. This effect(More)
To highlight the influences of age, sex, body mass (m b) and running training on the energy cost of running (C r) young basketball players [38 boys (BB) and 14 girls (BG), aged 14.2 (SD 0.3) and 12.2 (SD 1.9) years, respectively] were selected to be compared to middle-distance runners [27 men (MR) and 14 women (FR) aged 23.7 (SD 3.4) and 23.9 (SD 4.1)(More)
In adult men the left half of the head was covered with thick heat insulation, and the right hemiface was cooled by spraying a mist of water, and vigorous fanning. The subjects were immersed up to the waist in warm water (42°) to achieve hyperthermia. In control sessions the subjects were rendered slightly hypothermic by preliminary exposure to cold. Under(More)
To describe the time course of plasma volume alterations and the changes in the plasma concentrations of hormones regulating water balance in relation to a marathon race, six experienced marathon runners (five men, one women) aged 28 (SD 6) years were studied during and for the 3 days following a treadmill marathon run at 68 (SD 5)% of maximal oxygen(More)
BACKGROUND The Stewart approach theorizes that plasma pH depends on P(aCO₂), the strong ion difference, and the plasma total concentration of non-volatile weak acids (A(tot)). The conventional approach measures standardized base excess, bicarbonate (HCO₃⁻), and the anion gap. OBJECTIVE To describe acid-base disorders with the Stewart approach and the(More)
BACKGROUND The CoughAssist is a mechanical insufflator-exsufflator designed to assist airway secretion clearance in patients with ineffective cough. The device may benefit intubated and tracheotomized patients. We assessed the impact of various artificial airways on peak expiratory flow (PEF) with the CoughAssist. METHODS We measured PEF and pressure at(More)
Abstract: Static lung hyperinflation has important clinical consequences in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Given that most of these patients have respiratory and peripheral muscle weakness, dyspnea and functional exercise capacity may improve as a result of inspiratory muscle training (IMT). The present study is designed to(More)
BACKGROUND Intermittent positive pressure breathing (IPPB) is used in non-intubated patients to increase lung volume and to enhance coughing. Alpha 200 (Salvia Lifetec, Kronberg, Germany) is a specific IPPB device. CoughAssist (Respironics France, Carquefou, France) is a mechanical insufflator-exsufflator used to remove secretions in patients with(More)
We measured occlusion pressure, tidal volume, frequency, and the duration of the ventilatory phases in twenty-eight patients before and immediately after induction of anaesthesia by thiopentone. From these measurements we derived mean inspiratory flow rate and "effective" impedance to flow. Occlusion pressure was generally, but not universally, less after(More)
BACKGROUND The present study explored the role of closing volume as a determinant of orthopnea in stable obese subjects. We hypothesized that: (1) increase in closing volume in supine position would be greater in orthopneic than in non-orthopneic subjects, and (2) the relationship of change in closing volume to change in dyspnea with position would be(More)