Michele Di Francesco

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In this paper I argue that, even though there is no doubt that to understand consciousness we have to understand the brain, the idea that a complete understanding of the essence of the phenomenon of human consciousness might derive from neuroscience alone is more disputable. Major progress in our understanding of the phenomenon of consciousness can(More)
Bermúdez (2005) problem " the question of clarifying how typical subpersonal explanations in cog-nitive sciences, whatever is their specific form, are related to folk psychology. In this opinion article we will approach the interface problem from a specific angle, i.e., the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious as it has taken shape within(More)
In recent years, the study of decision making has provided a paradigmatic case of "crossbreeding" of different disciplines. The integration of economics, psychology and neurosciences within neuroeconomics calls for more accurate and comprehensive models of human rationality, which may be obtained by combining diverse theoretical approaches and experimental(More)
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