Michele Della Morte

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As a feasibility study for a scaling test we investigate the behavior of algorithms for dynamical fermions in the N f = 2 Schrödinger functional at an intermediate volume of 1 fm 4. Simulations were performed using HMC with two pseudo–fermions and PHMC at lattice spacings of approximately 0.1 and 0.07 fm. We show that some algorithmic problems are due to(More)
We study autocorrelation times of physical observables in lattice QCD as a function of the molecular dynamics trajectory length in the hybrid Monte-Carlo algorithm. In an interval of trajectory lengths where energy and reversibility violations can be kept under control, we find a variation of the integrated autocorrelation times by a factor of about two in(More)
The partition function of a quantum field theory with an exact symmetry can be decomposed into a sum of functional integrals each giving the contribution from states with definite symmetry properties. The composition rules of the corresponding transfer matrix elements can be exploited to devise a multi-level Monte Carlo integration scheme for computing(More)
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