Michele Cosgrove

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To determine the relationship between ulceration, thrombus, and calcification of carotid artery atherosclerotic plaques and symptoms of ipsilateral or contralateral stroke. METHODS We compared microscopic plaque morphology from patients with and without stroke symptoms ipsilateral or contralateral to the plaque. Plaques were(More)
Using sophisticated recording equipment and two fine copper wire electrodes introduced through the cystoscope into the bladder muscle of conscious patients at cystoscopy, reproducible electromyographic recordings were obtained from the normal and the neuropathic bladders of a group of patients. By means of simultaneous recording of the electromyographic(More)
Simultaneous electromyographic (EMG) recordings from the bladder detrusor muscle and the inferior rectus abdominis muscle were made in six normal subjects, in four patients with lower motor neuron bladder disease and in two patients with an upper motor neuron type of bladder lesion. Results of the study demonstrate that the bladder electrodes do not record(More)
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