Michele Corbetta

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Available online xxx Keywords: Reactive heterogeneous systems Reactive CFD simulations Catalysis Large-scale ODE solvers Non-ideal reactors Lean-NOx-Trap a b s t r a c t Scaling-up and-down of conventional ideal lab-scale catalytic reactors often introduces strong non-idealities in the flow field which may drastically affect the expected reactor(More)
Keywords: Propane aromatization Multiscale simulation Kinetic modelling Process development Excel unit operation module Hydroprocessed renewable jet (HRJ) fuel a b s t r a c t This paper addresses the techno-economic analysis of the propane aromatization process, by adopting a novel kinetics-to-process approach. The recent interest in this technological(More)
7 Downstream processing of biofuels and bio-based chemicals represents a challenging problem for 8 process synthesis and optimization, due to the intrinsic nonideal thermodynamics of the liquid 9 mixtures derived from the (bio)chemical conversion of biomass. In this work, we propose a new 10 interface between the process simulator SimSci PRO/II and the(More)
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