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The overall increase in traffic on the World Wide Web is augmenting user-perceived response times from popular Web sites, especially in conjunction with special events. System platforms that do not replicate information content cannot provide the needed scalability to handle large traffic volumes and to match rapid and dramatic changes in the number of(More)
A distributed multi-server Web site can provide the scalability necessary to keep up with growing client demand at popular sites. Load balancing of these distributed Web-server systems, consisting of multiple Web servers for document retrieval and a Domain name server (DNS) for address resolution, opens interesting new problems. In this paper, we(More)
With ever increasing Web traac, a distributed multi-server Web site can provide scalability and ex-ibility to cope with growing client demands. Load balancing algorithms to spread the requests across multiple Web servers are crucial to achieve the scalability. Various domain name server (DNS) based schedulers have been proposed in the literature, mainly for(More)