Michele Castellana

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In bacteria such as Escherichia coli, DNA is compacted into a nucleoid near the cell center, whereas ribosomes-molecular complexes that translate mRNAs into proteins-are mainly localized to the poles. We study the impact of this spatial organization using a minimal reaction-diffusion model for the cellular transcriptional-translational machinery. Although(More)
When birds come together to form a flock, the distribution of their individual velocities narrows around the mean velocity of the flock. We argue that, in a broad class of models for the joint distribution of positions and velocities, this narrowing generates an entropic force that opposes the cohesion of the flock. The strength of this force depends(More)
We study the probability distribution of the pseudocritical temperature in a mean-field and in a short-range spin-glass model: the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick and the Edwards-Anderson (EA) model. In both cases, we put in evidence the underlying connection between the fluctuations of the pseudocritical point and the extreme value statistics of random variables.(More)
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