Michele Cassiano

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This observational study was designed to examine the pattern of sumatriptan use in patients with cluster headache using more than the recommended daily dose of subcutaneously injected (s.c.) sumatriptan. Thirteen patients suffering from episodic cluster headache were asked to record the characteristics of their attacks and drug intake for 1 year. All(More)
This paper presents a design methodology suitable for the cost-effective and real-time implementation of nonlinear image processing algorithms. Starting from high-level functional descriptions the proposed optimization flow simplifies the designer's duty to achieve a low complexity and low power realization in CMOS technology (FPGA and/or ASIC) with low(More)
This paper presents an application specific instruction set processor (ASIP) design for the implementation of a class of nonlinear image processing algorithms, the Retinex-like filters. Starting from high level descriptions, first algorithmic optimization is accomplished. Then a processor architecture and an instruction set are customized with special(More)
Aim of this study is to evaluate if migraine, daily chronic headache and fibromyalgia in the same patient can be considered as an evolutive continuum of non organic chronic pain. Therefore, migraine, daily chronic headache and fibromyalgia should be considered the expression of chronic antinociceptive system alteration.
Our study examines the effectiveness of an educational approach to migraine patients. A course in migraine education was set up for 30 patients suffering from this disease; meetings were structured taking into consideration specific educational aims, with parameters evaluated before the course, at the end of the course and at a 3-month follow-up. The(More)
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