Michele Callejo

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Herein we describe a novel pyrazole-based class of ATP competitive B-Raf inhibitors. These inhibitors exhibit both excellent cellular potency and striking B-Raf selectivity. A subset of these inhibitors has demonstrated the ability to inhibit downstream ERK phosphorylation in LOX tumors from mouse xenograft studies.
The development of inhibitors of B-Raf(V600E) serine-threonine kinase is described. Various head-groups were examined to optimize inhibitor activity and ADME properties. Several of the head-groups explored, including naphthol, phenol and hydroxyamidine, possessed good activity but had poor pharmacokinetic exposure in mice. Exposure was improved by(More)
The in silico construction of a PDGFRβ kinase homology model and ensuing medicinal chemistry guided by molecular modeling, led to the identification of potent, small molecule inhibitors of PDGFR. Subsequent exploration of structure-activity relationships (SAR) led to the incorporation of a constrained secondary amine to enhance selectivity. Further(More)
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