Michele C.C. Trindade

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The interactions between the different cell types in periprosthetic tissue are still unclear. We used a non-contact coculture model to investigate the effects of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) particles and human macrophage-derived soluble mediators on fibroblast activation. Macrophages were either exposed or not exposed to phagocytosable PMMA particles, but(More)
The normal loading of joints during daily activities causes the articular cartilage to be exposed to high levels of intermittent hydrostatic pressure. This study quantified effects of intermittent hydrostatic pressure on expression of mRNA for important extracellular matrix constituents. Normal adult bovine articular chondrocytes were isolated and tested in(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine characteristics, clinical significance, frequency, and mimics of restless legs syndrome (RLS) in a cohort of Wilson's disease (WD, n = 42/f = 18), compared to healthy, matched controls. MATERIALS AND METHODS Structured clinical interviews (patients and caregiving family members), repeated neurological examinations (afternoon and(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of hypertrophy-type resistance training (RT) on upper limb fatigue resistance in young adult men and women. Fifty-eight men (22.7±3.7 years, 70.6±9.3 kg, and 176.8±6.4 cm) and 65 women (21.6±3.7 years, 58.8±11.9 kg, and 162.6±6.2 cm) underwent RT for 16 weeks. Training consisted of 10-12 whole body(More)
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