Michele Betti

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Hippocampus dentate gyrus (DG) is characterized by neuronal plasticity processes in adulthood, and polysialylation of NCAM promotes neuronal plasticity. In previous investigations we found that alpha-tocopherol increased the PSA-NCAM-positive granule cell number in adult rat DG, suggesting that alpha-tocopherol may enhance neuronal plasticity. To verify(More)
Brain derived growth factor (BDNF) gene of rat has a complex structure: at least four 5' untranslated exons regulated by different promoters and one 3' exon containing the encoding region. BDNF is expressed by skeletal muscles in an activity-dependent manner. In this study, BDNF mRNA was analysed by RT-PCR in the soleus muscle following a single (acute)(More)
α-Tocopherol, the main component of vitamin E, is well known to be a radical scavenger, so an increased intake of vitamin E is recommended in complicated pregnancy, to prevent possible fetus damage by free radical. In a previous work, we found that maternal α-tocopherol supplementation affects PKC-mediated cellular signaling and hippocampal synaptic(More)
An increased intake of the antioxidant α-Tocopherol (vitamin E) is recommended in complicated pregnancies, to prevent free radical damage to mother and fetus. However, the anti-PKC and antimitotic activity of α-Tocopherol raises concerns about its potential effects on brain development. Recently, we found that maternal dietary loads of α-Tocopherol through(More)
A brief training in a pool maze, with or without cognitive tasks, modifies the synaptogenesis and maturation of newborn neurons in adult rat dentate gyrus. These types of trainings have many aspects, including physical activity and exploration. Therefore, to evaluate whether physical exercise and environment exploration are able to affect synapse formation(More)
Recently, muscle expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) mRNA and protein under activity control has been reported. BDNF is a neurotrophin known to be involved in axon sprouting in the CNS. Hence, we set out to study the effect of chronic treadmill mid-intensity running on adult rat muscle re-innervation, and to explore the involvement of(More)
  • Michele Betti, Georgios E Stavroulakis, Charalambos C Baniotopoulos
  • 2007
In this paper an active vibration control technique for a smart beam is presented. The structure is made of two layers of piezoelectric material (PZT8) embedded on the surface of an aluminium beam. The active control is inserted into the finite element model by using programming tools of the general purpose code used here.
Vitamin E (as α-tocopherol, α-T) was shown to have beneficial effects in epilepsy, mainly ascribed to its antioxidant properties. Besides radical-induced neurotoxicity, neuroinflammation is also involved in the pathophysiology of epilepsy, since neuroglial activation and cytokine production exacerbate seizure-induced neurotoxicity and contribute to(More)
7-Ketocholesterol and 5,6-secosterol are cholesterol autoxidation products generated under oxidative stress by two distinct mechanisms. They are present in atherosclerotic plaques and are candidate players in the disease initiation and progression. While 7-ketocholesterol affects at cellular level, in particular apoptosis, are well known and reported on(More)
Campylobacter jejuni is the most common cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in humans. The synthesis of cytolethal distending toxin appears essential in the infection process. In this work we evaluated the sequence of lethal events in HeLa cells exposed to cell lysates of two distinct strains, C. jejuni ATCC 33291 and C. jejuni ISS3. C. jejuni cell lysates(More)