Michele Bertelli

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BACKGROUND Cirrhotic patients show increased susceptibility to bacterial infections. It is not known whether tuftsin deficiency, which is associated with an increased incidence of infections in many disease states, is present in cirrhosis. Our aims were to determine whether tuftsin activity is deficient in cirrhosis and if so, whether this deficiency is(More)
BACKGROUND Properly titrated opiates decrease respiratory rate but do not affect tidal volume or induce respiratory acidosis. OBJECTIVE To determine whether remifentanil improves breathing pattern or reduces inspiratory effort in patients with acute respiratory failure and tachypnea or rapid shallow breathing. METHODS We studied 14 patients who(More)
BACKGROUND Mean arterial pressure above 65 mmHg is recommended for critically ill hypotensive patients whereas they do not benefit from supranormal cardiac output values. In this study we investigated if the increase of mean arterial pressure after volume expansion could be predicted by cardiovascular and renal variables. This is a relevant topic because(More)
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