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In spite of the proven efficacy of pharmacological prophylaxis of heterotopic ossification following total hip arthroplasty, its routine use is still debated, and no data are available regarding the adherence to its administration in clinical practice. In this prospective, observational, multicenter study, 480 consecutive patients operated on for primary(More)
In this paper, the direct differentiation method DDM for finite-element FE response sensitivity analysis is extended to linear and nonlinear FE models with multi-point constraints MPCs . The analytical developments are provided for three different constraint handling methods, namely: 1 the transformation equation method; 2 the Lagrange multiplier method;(More)
For many years, ageing of gametes as a result of prolonged retention in the female reproductive tract before fertilisation has been circumstantially associated with major birth defects. To assess this association, we studied pregnant women who had recorded the timing, with regard to presumed ovulation, of the coital event leading to conception. We found(More)
Structural reliability problems involving the use of advanced finite-element models of real-world structures are usually defined by limit-states expressed as functions referred to as limit-state functions of basic random variables used to characterize the pertinent sources of uncertainty. These limit-state functions define hyper-surfaces referred to as(More)
PURPOSE We use the historical data from the European Study of Daily Fecundability and we develop an algorithm to determine the fertile window in a woman's cycle according to the rules of the C.A.Me.N. symptothermal method proposed by the Centro Ambrosiano Metodi Naturali. Our aim is to identify variables acting on the probability of conception by(More)
In the double TSP with multiple stacks, one performs a Hamiltonian circuit to pick up n items, storing them in a vehicle with s stacks of finite capacity q satisfying lastin-first-out constraints, and then delivers every item by performing a Hamiltonian circuit. We introduce an integer linear programming formulation with arc and precedence variables. We(More)
This paper presents recent developments in response sensitivity, probabilistic response and reliability analyses of structural and geotechnical systems. These developments are integrated within general-purpose software frameworks for non-linear finite element response analysis and provide the structural engineers with analytical tools to propagate(More)
The recently introduced Compressive Sampling (CS) technique can be used for reducing the speed requests for the ADC in modern radars. CS algorithm includes a reconstruction phase that is very critical in terms of real-time requirements. This paper presents a scalable hardware reconstruction core implemented in FPGA technology, aimed at real-time CS signal(More)
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