Michele Bandaranayake

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AIM To assess the reasons why many women who have been screened once in a breast screening programme decline an invitation for further screening. METHODS Telephone interview survey of a sample of such women; for questions relating to their experience of previous mammography, comparison to data on a representative sample of first screen attendees. The(More)
AIMS To examine sun protection among New Zealand children (ten years and under) at beaches and playgrounds. METHODS In the summers of 1998, 1999 and 2000, observations were made of 753 children at selected beaches and playgrounds in Dunedin and Hawkes Bay to determine the extent of sun protection. Parents/carers were also interviewed about sun protection.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate awareness of sun protection behaviours in a sample of primary school children in New Zealand. METHODOLOGY Information was collected from 824 primary school children in New Zealand using a drawing and writing technique. RESULTS The data revealed a bias towards sunscreen as a method of sun protection compared with other methods(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the use of sun protection behaviours and the experience of sunburn in a sample of parents and their children in New Zealand. METHODOLOGY Information was collected from 887 parents using postal questionnaires at the beginning of and during the summer. RESULTS Thirty per cent of the parents believed their child looked healthier with a(More)
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