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Malignant lymphomas concern the female genital tract in 30% of cases. The majority (more than 90%) are non-Hodgkin lymphoma, involving in order of frequency, ovary (49%), uterus (29%), Fallopian tubes (11%), vagina (7%), vulva (4%). So a primary vulvar localization seems to be quite unusual; in fact only 5 cases have been reported since 1937 up to now. We(More)
Taking the Korean experience as a laboratory experiment of a systemic financial crisis, we analyze individual distress for two groups of financial intermediaries. We pool together a group of largersized financial intermediaries (commercial banks, merchant banking corporations) and a group comprising all the tiny-sized mutual savings and finance companies(More)
The model of Foster-Viswanathan (1990, FV) predicts that information heterogeneity among market participants generates patterns in volume, trading costs and volatility. In the Italian Treasury bond market, periodic information asymmetry is related to the arrival of block orders from international investors, which cluster soon after the opening of the market(More)
The epidemiological and clinical characteristics of cervical carcinoma in Sardinia were examined, with particular regard to the low incidence (6.47/100,000 women) of these neoplasias. Postsurgical adjuvant Radiotherapy in the high-risk cases has allowed a constant improvement in therapeutic results, with a low relapse-incidence and a high percentage of(More)
The first line polichemotherapeutic regimens are compared (intracavitary Cyclophosphamide + CMF, ACy and PEC) in 47 patients with advanced ovarian carcinoma. The response was 56.4% for Ex-CMF (CR 39.1%), 76.8% for ACy (CR 61.5%) and 81.8% for PEC (CR 63.6%). The three-year survival was 39.1% with Ex-CMF, 53.8% with ACy and 72.7% (follow-up not yet(More)
The biological and clinical characteristics of endometrial carcinoma in Sardinia were examined, with particular regard to the very high incidence (42.7/100,000 age-selected women) of this neoplasia in this Island. The use of post-surgical Radiotherapy on the basis of the protocols of integrated therapies allowed us to reduce the incidence of relapses in(More)
In a retrospective study we examined 42 radical hysterectomies according to Wertheim-Meigs in the ten year period 1980-89, of whom 39 for carcinoma of the cervix, two for endometrial carcinoma at stage II one for microinvasive vaginal carcinoma. The incidence of relapses was 11.9% (5 cases) globally, with 3.7% at pathologic stage I, while the actuarial(More)
This paper explores if the overall institutional setups to place Government securities adopted by eurozone countries preserve a regular functioning of the market, principally looking at the primary market pricing performance with respect to the secondary market. However, I find that Government securities are always overpriced. The empirical analysis shows(More)
The authors consider a rare case of non-Hodgkin primitive lymphoma of the vagina, 1st E stage for Ann Arbor classification. The treatment was primarily chemotherapy, because of the wide extension of the neoplasia and the older patient age, and it was followed by a complete clinical response, still lasting after two years. The results of treatments in the(More)
We have considered 91 cases of uterine cervical carcinoma observed in the period 1980-89, of which 31 (34%) at stage 0, and 23 (25.2%) at stage IB. The operative index was of 85.7%. Of 78 cases operated, 22 (28.2%) were treated with post-surgical adjuvant radiotherapy because of the presence of risk factors. The relapse incidence (follow-up 8-118 months)(More)