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Information security is a growing concern today for organizations and individuals alike. This has led to growing interest in more aggressive forms of defense to supplement the existing methods. One of these methods involves the use of honeypots. A honeypot is a security resource whose value lies in being probed, attacked or compromised. In this paper we(More)
Adolescents may seek to understand family conflict by seeking out confidants. However, little is known about whom adolescents seek, whether and how such support helps youth, and the factors that predict which sources are sought. This chapter offers a conceptual model of guided cognitive reframing that emphasizes the behavioral, cognitive, and affective(More)
The current study investigated how fathering behaviors (acceptance, rejection, monitoring, consistent discipline, and involvement) are related to preadolescent adjustment in Mexican American and European American stepfamilies and intact families. Cross-sectional data from 393 7(th) graders, their schoolteachers, and parents were used to examine links(More)
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