Michele Adamo

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An important step forward for the understanding of high-temperature superconductivity has been the discovery of iron-based superconductors. Among these compounds, iron pnictides could be used for high-field magnet applications, resulting more advantageous over conventional superconductors, due to a high upper critical field as well as its low anisotropy at(More)
SAR spaceborne capability to detect marine oil spills through the damping of wind generated short gravity-capillary waves has been extensively demonstrated during the past years. In contrast, it has not yet been found any suitable method which exploits VIS/NIR imagery supporting SAR observations. To this end, we propose the use of MODIS and MERIS images(More)
A method (FILO, Field Interaction Ligand Optimization) for obtaining the optimal molecular interaction field was developed on the basis of the Simplex optimization procedure applied to a matrix of interaction energies obtained by performing a GRID computation on a suitable data set. The FILO procedure was tested on a set of nine HIV-1 protease inhibitors(More)
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