Michela Pasero

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Skeletal myogenesis is orchestrated by distinct regulatory signaling pathways, including PI3K/AKT, that ultimately control muscle gene expression. Recently discovered myogenic micro-RNAs (miRNAs) are deeply implicated in muscle biology. Processing of miRNAs from their primary transcripts is emerging as a major step in the control of miRNA levels and might(More)
KSRP is a single-strand nucleic acids binding protein that affects RNA fate at multiple levels. KSRP modular structure and its complex pattern of post-translational modifications underpin the interaction with a wide spectrum of RNA target sequences, as well as with other RNA-binding proteins and molecular adaptors. These interactions are important to the(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are essential regulators of development, physiology, and evolution, and their biogenesis is strictly controlled at multiple levels. Regulatory proteins, such as KSRP, modulate rates and timing of enzymatic reactions responsible for maturation of select miRNAs from their primary transcripts in response to specific stimuli. Here, we show(More)
Understanding the molecular mechanisms that control the balance between multipotency and differentiation is of great importance to elucidate the genesis of both developmental disorders and cell transformation events. To investigate the role of the RNA binding protein KSRP in controlling neural differentiation, we used the P19 embryonal carcinoma cell line(More)
This paper reports the synthesis and biological evaluation towards A1 and A2 adenosine receptors of new 1,2,3-triazole[4,5-d]pyridazines bearing lipophilic substituents in the 1 position. Some 1-benzyl-4-substituted amino derivatives were prepared and the cyclohexylamino-, anilino- and p-toluidino- derivatives showed an interesting moderately selective(More)
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