Michela Franchini

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This review evaluates the epidemiological literature on health effects in relation to incineration facilities. Several adverse health effects have been reported. Significant exposure-disease associations are reported by two thirds of the papers focusing on cancer (lung and larynx cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma). Positive associations were found for(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND In the last decades, many epidemiological studies have implicated outdoor environmental carcinogens in the onset of lung cancer. The present investigation evaluated lung cancer mortality in two areas of the Province of La Spezia (Northern Italy) exposed to environmental pollution emitted by a coal-fired power station and other industrial(More)
The South-eastern Area (SA) of the Municipality of La Spezia (Liguria Region, Italy) is characterised by a heavy environmental lead (Pb) contamination, chiefly due to the emissions of a Pb-processing plant in operation since 1930. In order to assess the risk of Pb poisoning of residents of SA, and to estimate the degree of association between the blood Pb(More)
Clinical medicine faces many challenges, e.g. applying personalized medicine and genomics in daily practice; utilizing highly specialized diagnostic technologies; prescribing costly therapeutics. Today's population is aging and patients are diagnosed with more co-morbid conditions than in the past. Co-morbidity makes management of the elderly difficult also(More)
To date, the actual rate of successful translation has been extremely low although those few successes have been notable and provide for continued and expanding enthusiasm and support. This paper examines whether the fundamental premise may be flawed. Could the success rate be improved to further enhance quality of life and cost optimization for patients by(More)
BACKGROUND Frailty has been defined in different ways and several diagnostic tools exist, but most of them are not applicable in routine primary care. Nonetheless, general practitioners (GPs) have a natural advantage in identifying frailty, due to their continued access to patients, patient-centered approach and training. GPs have also an advantage in(More)
During 1998-1999 a survey assessed the health impact of living in an area (Zona D) of the city of La Spezia (Liguria Region, Italy) characterised by industrial plants, urban waste disposal sites and incinerators, a coal-fired power-station and a heavily trafficked thoroughfare. One of the main results was an excess prevalence and incidence of self-reported(More)
We carried out an epidemiologic study to assess the effect on human health of living in an area (Zona D) of La Spezia Municipality (Liguria Region, Italy). Zona D is characterized by the presence of factories, industrial plants, shipyards, a coal-fired power-station, a heavily trafficked thoroughfare and urban waste disposal sites. 230 households for target(More)
OBJECTIVE This project aims to investigate the role of alcoholic drinks (ADs) as triggers for primary headaches. METHODS Patients followed in the Headache Centre and presenting with migraine without aura, migraine with aura (MA), chronic migraine (CM), and tension-type headache (TH) were asked if their headache was precipitated by AD and also about their(More)
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