Michel Windle

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Booster interventions have been presumed to be important methods for maintaining the effects of evidence-based programs for children with behavioral problems, but there has been remarkably little empirical attention to this assumption. The present study examines the effect of a child-oriented booster preventive intervention with children who had previously(More)
This study examined group differences among a middle-aged, middle-class, community sample (N = 616) of female adult children of alcoholics (ACOAs) and female non-ACOAs with regard to features of intra- and interpersonal functioning. Consistent with previous research, ACOAs reported higher levels of depression and lower levels of self-esteem. ACOAs also(More)
Surveyed two high school cohorts (ns = 698 and 283) to study independent, prospective predictors of adolescent suicidal behaviors (thoughts, communication to others, attempts). Within each cohort, there were two measurements conducted 6 months apart. Structural equation models were tested, with depressive symptoms, hopelessness, alcohol consumption, social(More)
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