Michel Vinckenbosch

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The context of this work is the development of a mobility aid for visually impaired persons. We present here an original approach for a real time alerting system, based on the detection of visual salient parts in videos. The particularity of our approach lies in the use of a new feature map constructed from the depth gradient. A distance function is(More)
The thermoluminescent dosimetry is currently applied to radiation therapy in order to measure dose distributions on phantoms or to control the dose in vivo for special procedures or critical organs. The application of this method to the SIN's (Switzerland) pion beam has been studied. Measurements have been made on the following thermoluminescent materials:(More)
The goal of the See ColOr project is to achieve a non-invasive mobility aid for blind users that will use the auditory pathway to represent in real-time frontal image scenes. More particularly, we have developed a prototype which transforms HSL coloured pixels into spatialized classical instrument sounds lasting for 300 ms. Hue is sonified by the timbre of(More)
In the context of vision substitution by the auditory channel several systems have been introduced. One such system that is presented here, See ColOr, is a dedicated interface part of a mobility aid for visually impaired people. It transforms a small portion of a colored video image into spatialized instrument sounds. In this work the purpose is to verify(More)
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