Michel Vergé

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— In this paper we design two controllers: a sliding mode controller and a new designed adaptive controller for an under actuated process with important dry friction. The two controllers are compared. Simulations and experiments are performed to evaluate the efficiency of the designed controllers. I. INTRODUCTION Many kinds of mechanical systems used in the(More)
Identification of the function part of the analytical model of the movement of a mass along vertical guide way is made. Indeed, knowledge of friction parameters is necessary to detect wear or mechanical failure. Because of the non linearity the identification is made using Genetic Algorithms (GA). After many simulations, the proposed approach is tested with(More)
In this communication, we present a high resolution tactile plate that can localize one or two contact fingers. The localization principle is based on Lamb wave absorption. Fingers' contact will generate absorption signals while Lamb waves are propagating in a thin finite copper plate. These signals can be related to the contact positions and can be(More)
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