Michel Vergé

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This paper describes the application of proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) method in the context of structural health monitoring of a smart structure, bonded with a distributed piezoceramic patches array. Using measurements given by the distributed sensors, we propose a damage index (DI) based on change in angle between subspaces. Furthermore, from(More)
Identification of the function part of the analytical model of the movement of a mass along vertical guide way is made. Indeed, knowledge of friction parameters is necessary to detect wear or mechanical failure. Because of the non linearity the identification is made using Genetic Algorithms (GA). After many simulations, the proposed approach is tested with(More)
We here describe a simple apparatus for measuring temperature, accurate to 3/100 of a degree, which makes it possible to follow variations in the temperature of an accessible internal organ, and we also describe its application to the observation of possible changes in the temperature of a tumour of the uterine cervix, during treatment by curietherapy.
This thesis presents the design, fabrication, testing and analytical study of a novel concept<lb>of actively controlled Hiller type servopaddle to achieve rotor primary control. The blades on the<lb>swashplateless rotor are coupled to a servopaddle equipped with a piezo electrically actuated aileron<lb>located behind the paddle trailing edge. The aileron is(More)
Most of the humanoid robots are covered with curved thin shells. To have a sensitive shell on the robot, normally we need to add an extra layer of electrodes or sensors. In this paper, we realized a tactile shell based on a Lamb wave diffraction method. Surface-contact sensing is calibrated and tested with a finger; the spatial resolution is 17 &#x00D7; 13(More)
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