Michel Van Camp

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We present Tsoft, a graphical interactive analysis software package originally dedicated to the analysis and processing of gravity time series. Tsoft can also be used to process and analyze all sorts of time series like seismic or other environmental signals. The Tsoft approach has a number of important advantages in the area of pre-treatment of the data(More)
This paper evaluates different data-processing methods to determine the gravity rate of change, using repeated absolute gravimeter (AG) measurements and continuous monitoring by a superconducting gravimeter (SG). Based on synthetic data representative of signals observed by SGs at various station locations, we demonstrate that the addition of SG information(More)
The Section “Time, Earth Rotation and Space Geodesy” of the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) contributes to the elaboration of reference systems (terrestrial and celestial) and time scales through both theoretical developments and observations. These scientific objectives result in three main research activities in geodesy: geodetic and geophysical(More)
Absolute gravimeter allows to determine the local value of gravity, which makes challenging its accuracy assessment. The instrumental offsets are classically estimated by performing comparisons of the results obtained by a set of instruments measuring at the same location but at different epochs (measuring at the same place and epoch is physically(More)
We estimate the signature of the climate-induced mass transfers in repeated absolute gravity measurements based on satellite gravimetric measurements from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) mission. We show results at the globe scale and compare them with repeated absolute gravity (AG) time behavior in three zones where AG surveys have been(More)
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