Michel Trommetter

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The Kyoto Protocol will establish a distribution of emission permits for the 2008-2012 period ,among the Annex B Parties that will have ratified it. But as emissions expected from the developing countries in the forthcoming decades will considerably increase, it is necessary for the latter to also make some commitment to limit their emissions. Our paper(More)
Biodiversity refers to the dynamics of interactions between organisms in changing environments. Within the context of accelerating biodiversity loss worldwide, firms are under increasing pressures from stakeholders to develop appropriate tools to account for the nature and consequences of their actions, inclusive of their influences on ecosystem services(More)
Résumé La confusion des débats préparatoires à la conférence internationale sur la biodiversité laissait présager les difficultés actuelles de sa mise en application. Ces problèmes tiennent pour partie aux carences de l’analyse économique des ressources génétiques : quelle est leur valeur? Comment circulent-elles? Cet article vise à répondre à de telles(More)
We develop a theoretical model where two competing …rms need access to basic knowledge that only one …rm owns. The basic knowledge owner faces three main strategies: (i) keeping it secret, (ii) cooperating by granting an ex ante open access at a lump-sum fee and (iii) patenting. The objective of this paper is to study the impact of prohibiting the patenting(More)
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