Michel Tréhel

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Sites with the same priority are gathered in the same group. Communication inside a group is organized in a logical rooted tree structure. The tree's root is the site that last held the token. This organization is similar to that of Raymond's algorithm. For its external communications, a group resorts to an external supplementary element: a router. This(More)
This paper presents a new token-based management protocol for shared resources. The example of a teleconference with a point-to-point communication between speakers is used. The power of speech is the resource and the member who is speaking is the token holder. Every member must send a request to have the right to speak. This request moves up from one(More)
A simple and cheap algorithm is presented to allow prioritized mutual exclusion. There are several groups. All the members of a same group have the same level priority. Our algorithm is a token-based algorithm. Each group of participants (site) is represented by a tree structure. Inside a group, the requests are recorded in a global queue which circulates(More)