Michel Tombroff

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Three patients with pleural effusion were found to have pancreaticopleural fistulas passing through an opening in the diaphragm are reported. In one case the effusion was purulent and originated from an abscess of the pancreas. Retrograde pancreatography during operation defined the course of the fistula. In two other cases the fistula was demonstrated by(More)
The alveolo-arterial gradient of Pco2 was measured and the percentage of ventilated but unperfused alveoli was derived from Severinghaus's formula in 312 patients divided into five groups according to clinical symptoms, biological, radiographic, scintigraphic or pathological data-87 patients with proved thromboembolic disease, 41 with probable(More)
In the CHORUS/MiX R distributed operating system architecture the microkernel provides system servers with generic services which are independent of a particular operating system; these services include processor scheduling, memory management and inter-process communications. In turn, co-operating system servers provide at the application programmer's(More)
The authors analyse the bacteriological data gathered by 100 successive tracheal Punctures and compare these results to those obtained by sputum cultures, which had either been collected by routine or when withdrawing the catheter for tracheal aspiration. This plain and not hazardous technique allows to draw the following conclusions : 1) The culture of(More)