Michel Texier

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The nasolabial flap has frequently been used in many ways to repair the nostril. It has also been the subject of numerous criticisms, essentially related to the poor quality of the results obtained. However, the authors consider that it has an important place in the treatment of partial transfixing defects of the nostril. The nasolabial flap must be(More)
The accuracy of Doppler examination was evaluated for the diagnosis of catheter-related venous thrombosis in 40 postoperative patients. Deep vein thrombosis was detected by venography in 15 patients and confirmed by the Doppler technique in a double blind study. Only one false-positive and one false-negative result were obtained with the Doppler technique.(More)
BACKGROUNDS When we refer to "drunkenness", more often than not, we think of alcohol or cannabis being the instigator rather than pharmacological drugs, even if outside the toxic origins, "drunkenness" may also occur without any substance intake: one can be drunk on love, poetry, music and even mania. Benzodiazepine "drunkenness" is not a classical notion(More)
The authors use a transposition island skin flap from the nasal dorsum for repair of the ala nasi. It is a modification of the stalk-flap advocated by Edgerton in 1967 to augment the columella. The flap is vascularized by branches of the anterior ethmoidal artery. The main modifications are;-the size of the flap which is 50 mm long and 15 mm wide;-the(More)