Michel Santos

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Multiagent systems are often characterized by complex, and sometimes unpredictable interactions amongst their autonomous components. While these systems can provide robust and scalable solutions to a variety of problems, the inherent complexity presents a barrier to their analysis, understanding, debugging and modification. In the work presented here, we(More)
With the expected worldwide increase of air traffic during the coming decade, both the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA's) Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), as well as Eurocontrol's Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) program have, as part of their plans, air traffic management solutions that can increase performance without(More)
Modeling and simulation in the aviation community is characterized by specialized models built to solve specific problems. Some models are statistically-based, relying on averages and distribution functions using Monte-Carlo techniques to answer policy questions. Others are physics-based, relying on differential equations describing such phenomena as the(More)
Studies involving the use of microalgae are increasingly intensifying for the potential they present to produce biofuels, because they are a renewable energy source that does not compete directly with food production, and because they enable the obtaining of a fuel with less environmental impact when compared to fossil fuel. In this context, the use of(More)
Presents a collection of slides from the author's conference presentation. • Demand may exceed the capacity of any particular waypoint along a route • Can be a critical issue if the waypoint is collocated along many routes (e.g. arrival fix or runway) • Identifying these points suggests ways towards relieving congestion by alternate(More)
Decarbonisation of the European electricity system can become dauntingly costly due to transmission and distribution network issues arising from the integration of intermittent renewable generation sources. It is expected that wind energy will be the principal renewable source by 2050 and, as such, a number of initiatives in the academia and in the industry(More)
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