Michel Santos

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Multiagent systems are often characterized by complex, and sometimes unpredictable interactions amongst their autonomous components. While these systems can provide robust and scalable solutions to a variety of problems, the inherent complexity presents a barrier to their analysis, understanding, debugging and modification. In the work presented here, we(More)
Modeling and simulation in the aviation community is characterized by specialized models built to solve specific problems. Some models are statistically-based, relying on averages and distribution functions using Monte-Carlo techniques to answer policy questions. Others are physics-based, relying on differential equations describing such phenomena as the(More)
Manifolds and optimal control were used to better understand trajectories in the circular restricted three-body problem (CR3BP). CR3BP equations were used to generate two-dimensional stable and unstable manifolds. Optimized trajectory solutions were found using the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation applied to the third body traveling from L 1 toward m 2.(More)
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