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Democracy, Sea Power and Institutional Change: An Economic Analysis of the Athenian Naval Law
The present essay attempts to test the validity of the theory of institutional change based on the concept of property rights, in the remote historical setting of Classical Athens. The “Naval Law”Expand
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Why do Evaluative Histories Matter after all?
The question of progress in economic knowledge during its historical development has been thoroughly treated several times in the past by many eminent economists, historians of thought, andExpand
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From Mill to Weber: the meaning of the concept of economic rationality
Weber recognized explicitly that his concept of ideal-type is directly borrowed from economic theory and as it is commonly admitted from the German-speaking ‘marginalist school’. Nevertheless, theExpand
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Walter Bagehot on economic methodology: evolutionism and realisticnessl
Bagehot wrote on the methodology of Ricardian political economy some years after the appearance of marginalism. The purpose of this paper is to examine and evaluate his methodological positions.Expand
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The Varieties of Economic Rationality: From Adam Smith to Contemporary Behavioural and Evolutionary Economics
@text Chapter 1: Adam Smith and the idea of morally constrained rationality Chapter 2: John Stuart Mill and the concept of socially embedded rationality Chapter 3: William Stanley Jevons and theExpand
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On the evolutionary character of North's idea of institutional change
The main objective is to discuss the historical-evolutionary character of the latest work of Douglass North. His views have been lately criticized, especially as far as their historical insight isExpand
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Trustworthiness as a Moral Determinant of Economic Activity: Lessons from the Classics
This paper reviews the way that social norms and ethical values in general, and trustworthiness in particular, is perceived to affect the behavior of economic agents in view of the work of AdamExpand
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Greece: Ancient Greece
The Ancient Greek miracle is the synthesis of institutionally constrained free citizens seeking for their personal improvement within a democratically evolving law structure which guarantees publicExpand
The aim of this empirical research was to test the influence of some social factors such as social norms, habits and routines, which are actually constraining the entrepreneurial strategy. In orderExpand
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