Michel Séguin

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In order to study the effects of a magnetostatic field on the organism, continuous exposure was applied and the resulting effects were observed for a period of 20 days. The Ss were four rats which were continually exposed, one by one, to a vertical field of 2800 oersted for uninterrupted periods of time. In a first series of experiments, the variation of(More)
This article aims to examine board effectiveness through a new lens, based on human ideologies rather than traditional characteristics such as board size. We compare the self-interest and the altruist ideology to identify the process that leads to involvement in three board tasks: cooperation with other members, strategically-oriented tasks and(More)
The stressing action of a medium-intensity, magnetostatic field was studied for several levels of intensity. Our purpose was to verify a stressing action by display of the general adaptation syndrome pattern on the growth rate of mice and to establish the relation between effect and field intensity on the same variable. Eight groups of mice showed a linear(More)
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