Michel Robineau

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SETTING Peritoneal tuberculosis did not disappear from France during the 1990s. OBJECTIVE To determine the characteristics of peritoneal tuberculosis in the north-eastern suburbs of Paris. METHOD A retrospective study of cases diagnosed with peritoneal tuberculosis between 1990 and 1998 in five suburban hospitals in the north-east region of Paris. (More)
PURPOSE AND METHODS In order to evaluate the prevalence of positive hepatitis C virus (HCV) serology and cryoglobulinemia in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients, the prevalence and the clinical significance of cryoglobulinemia were prospectively studied in a cohort of 86 HIV-infected subjects seen as outpatients. They were compared to a(More)
Kawasaki disease (KD) is an acute vasculitis characterized by marked tropism of the coronary vessels. Usually a childhood disease, KD can occasionally be observed in adults. We report a case of adult-onset KD that presented as a prolonged fever of unknown origin with subsequent development of severe vasculitis, manifested by coronary aneurysms and(More)
Observation of chronic constrictive pericarditis associated with pulmonary asbestosis is reported here. Heart catheterization revealed typical patterns of cardiac constriction. The diagnosis of asbestosis was based on pathologic features associated with a long history of asbestos dust exposure without evidence for tuberculosis. The etiology of this(More)
We present a case report of a patient suffering of severe hypertension and grade IV hypertensive retinopathy according to the Keith-Wagener classification. Simultaneously hypertensive encephalopathy was present confirming the poor prognosis of discoedema occurring in the course of hypertension when left untreated. Hypertension was related to chronic(More)
A 78-year-old woman developed an early knee-prosthesis infection due to multiresistant Serratia marcescens that was successfully treated with high-dose meropenem, after failure of a long-term therapy combining imipenem and multiple surgical interventions. Because of its lower neurotoxicity, meropenem might be preferred to imipenem/cilastatin for the(More)