Michel Robert

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The biometric person authentication technique based on the pattern of the human iris is well suited to be applied to any access control system requiring a high level of security. This paper examines a new iris recognition system that implements (i) gradient decomposed Hough transform / integro-differential operators combination for iris localization and(More)
Thirty-three children with traumatic dislocation of the hip who had been treated at the Hospital for Sick Children between 1960 and 1977 were reviewed. The amount of trauma causing dislocation of the hip in younger children was less than that for older children. The most frequent complication was soft-tissue interposition which usually required a posterior(More)
Side channel attacks are known to be efficient techniques to retrieve secret data. Within this context, this paper proposes to prototype a logic called Secure Triple Track Logic (STTL) on FPGA and evaluate its robustness against power analyses. More precisely, the paper aims at demonstrating that the basic concepts on which this logic leans are valid and(More)
A new method of isolating nuclei and chromosomes of salivary gland cells is described. — The influence of ionic strength and pH of the medium on the state of decondensation of chromosomal bands is studied. In the isolation medium (a modified Ringer solution), all the bands are in a condensed state; as the ionic strength is increased the bands decondense.(More)
The mapping of tasks to processing elements of an MPSoC has critical impact on system performance and energy consumption. To cope with complex dynamic behavior of applications, it is common to perform task mapping during runtime so that the utilization of processors and interconnect can be taken into account when deciding the allocation of each task. This(More)
As complexity of embedded system increases, configurable hardware is becoming more attractive because it provides a fast and efficient basis for design development. As a consequence, one of the most promising embedded architecture consists in the replication of Processing Elements (PEs) connected through a Network-on-Chip (NoC). Such architectures provide(More)
OBJECTIVE To produce an index of lithogenic risk which identifies patients at risk of stone recurrence and facilitates the monitoring of prophylactic treatments. PATIENTS AND METHODS The EQUIL2 program provides an evaluation of the state of urinary saturation, particularly of calcium oxalate, based on the pH and total concentrations (mmol/l) of sodium,(More)