Michel Renovell

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Testing a secure system is often considered as a severe bottleneck. While testability requires to an increase in both observability and controllability, secure chips are designed with the reverse in mind, limiting access to chip content and on-chip controllability functions. As a result, using usual design for testability techniques when designing secure(More)
The paper proposes a BIST approach for deriving the main characterization parameters of ADCs from histogram data. An adequate choice of input stimulus and time decomposition scheme is proposed in order to minimize the extra on-chip hardware required to extract these parameters. The idea of time decomposition consists in replacing classical(More)
This paper addresses the problem of testiiig the LUT/RAM modules of coizjigurable SRAM-based FPGAs using a minimum number of test configurations. A model of architecture for the LUT/RAM module with N iriputs and 2N memory cells is proposed taking into account the LUT and RAM modes. Concerning the RAM mode, we demonstrate that a unique test configuration is(More)
The authors present a simulator for resistive-bridging and stuck-at faults. In contrast to earlier work, it is based on electrical equations rather than table look up, thus, exposing more flexibility. For the first time, simulation of sequential circuits is dealt with; interaction of fault effects in current time frame and earlier time frames is elaborated(More)