Michel Raous

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A general framework for models describing adhesive contact between rigid bodies is proposed. The intensity of adhesion is supposed to decrease under the action of prescribed tangential and normal relative displacements. The reduction is attributed to progressive damage, and comes with energy dissipation. Additional dissipation due to viscosity and friction(More)
In this paper the interface behaviour between steel and concrete, during pull out tests, is numerically investigated using an interface model coupling adhesion and friction. This model (RCCM) was developed by Raous, Cangémi, Cocu and Monerie. It is based on the adhesion intensity variable, introduced by Frémond, which is a surface damage variable and its(More)
Interface models coupling friction and adhesion, where adhesion is regarded as interface damage, are briefly reviewed. The most widely used cohesive zone models are presented and discussed. A general framework for these laws, recently developed by Del Piero and Raous in the form of a unified model, is outlined. As an example, it is here established that the(More)
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