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We explored, by cDNA mini-arrays, gene expression measurements of MVLN, a human breast carcinoma cell line derived from MCF-7, after 4 days of exposure to 17beta-estradiol (E(2)) treatment, in order to extend our understanding of the mechanism of the pharmacological action of estrogens. We focused on 22 genes involved in estrogen metabolism, cell(More)
We previously established a stable expression system in MCF-7 cells for the detection of (anti)estrogenic activity by assaying the reporter enzyme activity of firefly luciferase. In this cell line (called MVLN), the bioluminescent response can be measured either in the cellular homogenate, or in intact living cells. Here we present various potential(More)
Antiestrogen resistance is frequently observed in patients after long-term treatment with tamoxifen, a nonsteroidal antiestrogen widely used for endocrine therapy of breast cancer. In vitro studies in resistant cells showed that the expression of natural estrogen-responsive genes is frequently altered. Using MVLN cells, an MCF-7-derived cell model, we(More)
Non-steroidal anti-estrogens exhibit an extremely complex pharmacology because of their estrogenic and anti-estrogenic effects in different species. Recently, we have reported evidence for an immunochemical difference in the estrogen receptor (ER) when it is occupied with anti-estrogens as compared to estrogens (Martin et al., 1988). In this study, we have(More)
A multivariate statistical method, correspondence factorial (CF) analysis, was used to examine the correlations among the protein binding and cell proliferation effects of a series of 36 di- and triphenylethylenes (DPEs and TPEs). The analysis was applied to a study which measured their competition for estradiol binding to cytosol estrogen receptor (ER),(More)
The efficacy of tamoxifen in breast cancer treatment only lasts a few years and the tumor eventually recurs. We performed selective subtractive hybridization to isolate mRNAs that were differentially expressed in MCF-7 derived cells, in which resistance had been induced through long-term culture in the presence of hydroxytamoxifen (OHT). Among the 15 mRNAs(More)
Within the TINA (Transient Integrated Network Analysis) research project and in partnership with Total, IFP is developing a new generation of simulation tool for flow assurance studies. This integrated simulation software will be able to perform multiphase simulations from the wellbore to the surface facilities. The purpose of this paper is to define, in a(More)
The CAPE-OPEN standard interfaces have been designed to permit flexibility and modularization of process simulation environments (PMEs) in order to use process modeling components such as unit operation or thermodynamic property models across a range of tools employed in the lifecycle of chemical process systems engineering. Technical foundations of(More)
Efficient antimineralocorticoid selection requires a reliable, discriminating and easy assay for monitoring biological activity of not only the specific receptor, but also closely related receptors such as glucocorticoid and progestin. These related activities should be as low as possible to obtain specific antimineralocorticoid compounds. In this paper, we(More)
Information technology (IT) continues to be increasingly important as a critical area of business competency. In the US, estimated expenditures for IT are pegged at about 8% of revenue. This reflects the fact that IT expenditures continue their recent increased penetration of business activities. It is also the basis for the latest shift in the balance of(More)
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