Michel Poncet

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OBJECTIVE To assess the frequency and disability caused by nonmotor fluctuations (NMF) in PD. METHODS A structured questionnaire was administered to 50 patients with PD with motor fluctuations (MF), focused on 54 nonmotor symptoms classified in three subgroups: 26 dysautonomic, 21 cognitive and psychiatric, and seven pain/sensory NMF. The link between(More)
After obtaining familial informed consent, between January 1996 and July 1997, 173 children (5 to 15 years old) with sickle cell disease were enrolled in a prospective multicenter study using blood screening, transcranial Doppler ultrasonography (n = 143), cerebral magnetic resonance imaging (n = 144), and neuropsychologic performance evaluation (n = 156)(More)
BACKGROUND Neurofibrillary tangles seen early in Alzheimer disease (AD) initially appear in a subregion of the perirhinal cortex. In the monkey, damage to the perirhinal cortex impairs performance on visual recognition memory tasks. The authors evaluated impairment of visual recognition memory as a potential early diagnostic marker of AD. METHODS The(More)
Object recognition was studied in a 19-yr-old male patient who presented severe multimodal amnesia and agnosia without significant intellectual, linguistic or perceptual deficits. Bilateral temporal lobe lesions involved medial, polar and anterior infero-temporal structures. Although visual recognition was impaired to various extents for all categories of(More)
The right temporal variant of frontotemporal lobar degeneration (Rtv-FTLD) is a focal degenerative condition affecting predominantly the right temporal lobe. The aim of this study was to further characterize the profile of cognitive impairment and the neuroanatomical basis of Rtv-FTLD patients without behavioural disturbances. A group of three patients with(More)
Prosopagnosia is an inability to recognize known persons as a result of a failure to access relevant memories through the inspection of their faces. The nature of this disturbance, and the fate of memories related to faces, were investigated in a long-standing prosopagnosic woman (P.V.). An examination of P.V.'s perceptual capacities indicated no major(More)
The present study assessed the patterns of cortical gray matter (GM) loss in patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI) with distinct profiles of memory impairment, i.e. aMCI patients failing on both recall and recognition memory vs. aMCI patients showing impaired recall but preserved recognition memory. This distinction is usually not taken(More)
Electrophysiological data in primates suggest that the superior parietal lobule integrates the position of the limbs to construct complex representations of postures. Although in humans the neural basis of these mechanisms remains largely unknown, neuropsychological studies have implicated left superior parietal regions. We devised a simple functional(More)
In this paper, we propose a standardized set of 480 black-and-white line drawings, half meaningful and half meaningless. Meaningful pictures represent a common object, and were selected from the Snodgrass and Vanderwart set (1980). Meaningless pictures include 120 chimeric objects (made up of two halves of real objects) and 120 nonobjects, that were(More)