Michel Philipp

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Recent findings suggest that inflammation plays a role in atherosclerosis and its acute complications. Cellular response in infections with Gram-negative bacteria is mediated by bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which activates monocytes to expression of cytokines, growth factors, and procoagulatory factors via LPS receptor CD14. Endothelial cells and(More)
FreeSurfer is a tool to quantify cortical and subcortical brain anatomy automatically and noninvasively. Previous studies have reported reliability and statistical power analyses in relatively small samples or only selected one aspect of brain anatomy. Here, we investigated reliability and statistical power of cortical thickness, surface area, volume, and(More)
An open pilot study on 30 in-patients with endogenous depression showed a clear-cut circadian fluctuation of the therapeutical effect of single doses of lofepramine administered at three different times of the day (8 a.m., and 12 p.m.). A single-dose drug schedule with 210 mg lofepramine at 12 p.m. also proved superior (p less than .05) to the conventional(More)
In a pilot study of 15 depressive patients of the neurotic and endogenous type we could show that some neuroendocrinological parameters are apt to predict the thymoleptic efficacy of lofepramine. These parameters, which were measured with a simple global stimulation test (insulin hypoglycaemia combined with injection of TRH and LHRH), were as follows: high(More)
The improvement of depression after partial sleep deprivation in the second half of the night (sd) is tested for its predictory power for the therapeutical efficacy of pharmacotherapy with lofepramine. In a group of 15 patients with depression, we found that in contradiction to the findings of Wirz-Justice and collaborators (1976), the velocity of the(More)
A double-blind trial was undertaken to compare the antidepressant efficacy and the side effects of Lofepramine with those of Amitriptyline in the treatment of endogenous depression. The study involves 22 acutely ill endogenously depressive patients. 11 patients were treated with Lofepramine and the remaining 11 with Amitriptyline. The results demonstrate(More)
Seven patients with an insufficiency in the basilar arterial system showed a typical endogenous depression. We assumed that the temporal coincidence of neurological and psychial syndromes was not accidental but both were caused by a circulation disturbance in the cerebral stem structures.
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